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Drs. Cunningham and Zomorodi (Thank You) Duke Raleigh
« on: November 08, 2017, 12:18:24 pm »
After 4 consultations, I decided to go with Drs Cunningham and Zomorodi.  No regrets.  They were awesome and I can’t say enough good things about them or the ICU/neurology nursing staff at Duke Raleigh.

Dr Cunningham came in to see me everyday post-op.  He answered all my questions and helped me worry less about the healing and recovery process. 

My AN was a large 3.3 and I chose to go Translab.  Like everyone, I was worried about facial paralysis and all the other post surgery issues that could happen.  I’ve experienced some nausea and today, 3 weeks post-op I have balance issues.  I wobble when I walk but it’s getting better and next week I will begin some vestibular therapy. 

Overall I am so amazed at how good I feel.  My wife has me on a healthy diet and I am walking a little more each day.  I believe all the prayers and my faith played a huge part in what I’d call a perfect outcome.  I’ve completely accepted the SSD as just something that had to happen as part of the process to remove the tumor.

 I want to say thank you to two great Drs that I would recommend to everyone.  I conducted lots of hours of research into all the Drs I consulted with.  I found that Drs Cunningham and Zomorodi have resumes to match the very best surgeons anywhere in the US.  More importantly now I can tell you I have the results to say, “They are the BEST.” 
6/23/17  3.2cm  Facial numbness and tingling  Tinnitus 2012 
Surgery with Drs. Cunningham and Zomorodi at Duke - upcoming


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Re: Drs. Cunningham and Zomorodi (Thank You) Duke Raleigh
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2017, 04:14:50 pm »
Congrats on a great outcome, Sailfish. I've been wondering how you're doing given our close approximation of distance and diagnosis. Keep up the good work!!
Dr Z was fantastic in my surgery as well.