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I will be getting my first MRI soon; the ENT suspects that my asymmetric hearing loss is AN. If I do have AN, can anyone recommend specialist(s) in the Phoenix, AZ area? Any suggestions about how to stay calm while waiting?
Thank you,
LindaMac :-\

Welcome to the forum Linda.

The best suggestion about how to stay calm while waiting is the knowledge that acoustic neuromas are slow growing tumors. If you are diagnosed with one you will have plenty of time to thoroughly explore all the options (surgery, radiosurgery and observation).

Do you have any other symptoms that may be related to an AN such as unsteadiness, dizziness, etc?

Hi LindaMac,

I live in the east valley, Gold Canyon which is next to Apache Junction. I am in the watch and wait group due to the relatively small size of my acoustic neuroma. My neurosurgeon is in a group called Barrow Brain and Spine. His office is in Chandler, although he is part of the Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix. The other hospital is the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. If your MRI indicates an acoustic neuroma (hopefully it does not), your ENT will probably refer you to Barrow. They have some wonderful doctors who deal specifically with AN. You can look Barrow up on the internet and read what they are doing. Pretty amazing stuff. Best of luck.


Hi Linda! Sorry you had to join our little club but you will find it is a great source of support and information. I live in Chandler and I did go to Barrow a consult.  I ultimately went with House Ear Clinic in LA, but Barrow was a very close second.  The difference was Barrow wanted to do trans-lab and House Middle Fossa.  Lose the hearing completely or have a chance to keep it, so I chose to try to keep it. I am glad I did because I did for the most part.  As far as staying calm, I guess that is all up to each person's ability to do so in a given situation.  Mine was obsessively researching every aspect of this so I know all I could.  Also just staying active and busy help.  Plus having friends and family around helping you with that helps tremendously.  If you have any questions PM or ask in here, always glad to help! Good luck!  Let us know how it goes.

I'm in the Phoenix area.  There are some very good doctors here.  You can look at both Barrow in Phoenix and Mayo in Scottsdale area.  My doctors are both now at Barrow - Dr. Porter neurosurgeon and Dr. Stevens Otolaryngologist.  I have gone back and forth with wanting a doctor closer to where I live but I ended up going with a team with a lot of experience even if it is farther to drive.  Start off making some initial appointments and see which doctors/team you feel the most comfortable with.  I wanted a team that listened to me as well as had the experience to handle this rare tumor.  Get a few different opinions. 
There is also an AN support group here in the Phoenix area.  It usually meets in the fall/spring as many members are snowbirds.  We just had a virtual meeting in November - feel free to reach out to the contact or look for more upcoming meetings.  It helps to connect with people nearby too.

- Michelle


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