Author Topic: Mini stroke 27 days before CK surgery, doctors say proceed.  (Read 757 times)


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I had a mini-stroke per my opthalmologist around the week of March 14th. Not sure because I have had flashes in the past, not too worried. He gave me a shot right into eye and said 2 more over next 2 months. Grey dot and red/wjite/yellow blobs makes it difficult to read anything on TV or computer. Op doc says blood vessel ruptured and hemorrhaged in right eye. He says if I don't lose 1/3 of my body weight the left eye is in danger. 3 days after first shot eye is no better, maybe a bit worse. When I go outside on sunny days the eye seems ok, can't see big grey dot.

The CK doctors say to proceed with the CK operation over 3 days in late April. May as well be deaf as well as blind? They say NO WAY is the AN 1.6x1.8x1.6 responsible for the eye issue, the mini-stroke did that. I'd appreciate any info anyone might have? TY