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Heather Craig:
My name is Heather and I am new to this site. I had my AN surgery 07/10/2008. My tumor was on the left side where I lost my hearing and still have some facial weakness, headaches and alot of balance problems. I sometimes wonder if it was even worth having the surgey at all. Since my surgery I have noticed an increase in memory loss and I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this as well. I see that I share alot of common side effects with most of the people on here but I haven't heard anyone mention memory loss. I just want to know if this is a common side effect post surgery.

Hi Heather
 Yes everything you are experienceing unfortunately are common results of this surgery, i have had every one of those problems. The best i have learned regarding memory loss is that due to hearing loss and blance problems our brain has to over work to compensate for those deficits and in turn uses a lot of resources to do that, and those resources deprive our memory, because it leaves less resorces for our memory etc. Keep me posted on how you are doing. Good luck.

Heather Craig:
Thanks Mel! I sure will and I'm glad I found this site. It's good to know there are real people who can actually relate to having an AN and surgery, and not just going off what the doctors tell you is normal or not.

Hi Heather,

Welcome to ANA, you're with friends who are willing to listen, perhaps dole out some advice, but more importantly, you are talking to people who know EXACTLY what you are experiencing and going through.  I had my AN removed 11 months ago, there are days when I regret having it done because my life hasn't returned to normal, and I am afraid this just might be the new normal for me, although my doctor keeps telling me I have more recovery left.  I'm not going to give you a litany of my symptoms, but I have some of those you have mentioned.  What might help you with memory is Omega 3 Oil.  You can get it naturally by eating fish, I find a meal of salmon helps.  I have also had a lot of success with Omega 3 through Flaxseed Oil.  I would suggest going to the Vitamin Shop and speaking with a sales person that knows their stuff.  Quality sleep also seems to help, and as crazy as this sounds, exercise your brain.  I do by reading a lot.  I hope this helps, please don't be discouraged, take one day at a time, and be thankful for all we have.

God Bless.

Heather Craig:
Thanks again and I have to admit, 3 years post AN surgery and I feel like my side effects are worse now than b4. But I am still taking it day by day. Right after the surgery I was in so much pain it was unbearable but then I started to feel some relief. Now I'm so fatigued and memory loss and vertigo are increasing. I lose my balance and tip over just standing still. And please dont let me walk in the dark without turning on a light bcuz that would be tragic lol! But whatever i'm dealing with I just thank God Im alive and appreciate what I do have and know that it could've been worse. I see the doctor on tuesday so I can let her know whats going on and then probably another MRI...( im suprised i havent grown a tail yet from all the radiation) But im keeping my fingers crossed and my spirit lifted!


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