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Title: i may be on to smething
Post by: klangel on April 22, 2009, 06:17:27 am
i have regular bouts with severe eye pain and all its lovely acoutriments. this last one was such a doozy that i went to yet another eye specialist to discuss a possible surgery for at least the chronic corneal erosion. although that is not a good choice for me he has put a contact lense "bandage on my eyeball.  and also put me on the restasis drops. i know it wont work for the referred pain in the top of my eyebal but it sure is a good start! he also told me about some docs in pittsburg who go in your brain again to wrap the nerves with an insulation to stop the mis-signals of neurotrophic pain. i think i want to talk to these folks even if it means more surgery. eye pain makes you not see too good and more than that it makes you mean as im sure many of you out there know. well just thought id share. ill keep you informed on the times when i can see enogh to type.   kerri
Title: Re: i may be on to smething
Post by: Jim Scott on April 22, 2009, 03:27:58 pm
Kerri ~

Thanks for the information - and you have my best wishes as you pursue (possible) surgery to correct some of your eye pain and vision deficits that must be terribly frustrating.