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Title: basic eye care questions 2 mths post op
Post by: Keri on April 11, 2009, 11:55:46 am
Hi eye AN'ers,

I'm over 2 months post op, you think I'd be getting used to the eye problems and how to deal with them by now. My eye didn't blink post op. My facial weakness is getting better (mostly around my mouth).  It feels like my eye is trying to blink; it's just not closing all the way. Since it's working at blinking, my other one (the good eye) seems to be working harder (does that make sense?) and it just feels so tired all the time. If people look at me, they think my 'good eye' is my AN eye because it just kind of sits there wide open, while the good eye is more 'squinty' and looks worse.

Since surgery, my doc didnt' give me a lot of specific instructions because he thought that it'll just get better (and it is, and I'm glad). However, I don't know if it's just been because it's been 10 weeks or so now or what, but my good eye is just so tired. I used drops at first, then went to ointment in my AN eye. Vision is blurry, but the eye feels good, normally the bluriness gets better so that I can drive and carry on with other tasks. It seems to stay closed at night (I put ointment in and close it and it stays that way). If I go outside to run, I glob up with the ointment and put on wrap around glasses; that works fine.

Do you think I should be wearing a patch, at least some of the time? Would that strengthen my good eye? Is there a difference between wearing a patch and taping it shut? Do people drive while they're wearing a patch (since you lose some depth perception)?

Next week I'm going up to Boston (AN luncheon; hubby and friend in marathon). I'll be travelling by myself, renting a car and driving around my myself (yikes!). I'll look forward to input from you all so that I'll feel a bit more comfortable (literally) with my eye.

I don't think I need a weight in my eye (can't think another surgery right now), but also because I seem to be improving. I know these things all take time, and that's fine. I just feel like I'm not doing enough and may be hurting my good eye in the meantime.

Thank you!
Title: Re: basic eye care questions 2 mths post op
Post by: lori67 on April 11, 2009, 12:07:17 pm
Hi Keri.

My AN eye hasn't closed for over 2 years now, so I feel your pain!  The most important thing is to take good care of the cornea and that means keeping your eye well lubed up.  I use the ointment at night.  Ever since I had the tear ducts cauterized, I don't normally need drops during the day, just every now and then.  Have you tried a thicker drop for during the day - something like Celluvisc?  It's kindof the middle ground between drops and ointment and I find I can function better with that during the day because I can actually see.

I've never used a patch or tape, so I can't really offer any insight on that.  I'm not sure your good eye is really in need of strengthening - it's probably quite strong - maybe a bit overworked at the moment though.  You should check with an eye doctor though.

Have a good trip to Boston.  My experiences of driving in Boston would probably have gone better if I couldn't see well!   :D

Title: Re: basic eye care questions 2 mths post op
Post by: nancyann on April 11, 2009, 02:09:21 pm
Hi Keri,   I felt the same way you do & I told my doctor I felt like my good eye was 'overstrained',
he told me it's the AN eye that's strained b/c of the paralysis, lubricant, etc.
I am presently being weened off the PM Refresh Lubricant (since I had a pyrex tube implanted into the inner corner of my AN eye - I still use the lubricant in the morning before I drive).  During work I (was told to) use Celluvisc, like Lori said.
&, we can't tell you enough,   YOU MUST PROTECT YOUR CORNEA FROM BECOMING DRY !

Always good thoughts,    Nancy
Title: Re: basic eye care questions 2 mths post op
Post by: Kaybo on April 11, 2009, 03:04:09 pm
Hi!  I have been dealing with the whole eye thing for a LONG time now.  I, personally, stay FAR away from taping/patching as that is how I got such horrible scratches in the first place and had to have my eye sewn completely shut!!  I wore a "pirate" patch only when I played golf the first couple of years after my surgery to help with the depth perception problem (haven't played since I had kids).  I don't think I ever wore it while driving.  My suggestion, besides what you have already been told, is to use Refresh PM in your GOOD eye at night - that is what it was actually made for and it works great for tired/overworked eyes!
Good Luck!
Title: Re: basic eye care questions 2 mths post op
Post by: nancyann on April 11, 2009, 03:11:22 pm
Hi Kay: You reminded me about my eye patch from your post -  I forgot to tell Keri about the NITEYE Dry Eye Comforter I put on every night - it makes a 'moisture chamber', like a 'greenhouse effect' while you sleep & keeps your eye moist during the night ( I love the way my eye feels in the morning when I take the patch off !).

Always good thoughts, Nancy
Title: Re: basic eye care questions 2 mths post op
Post by: jcc1138 on April 26, 2009, 06:07:09 pm
Dear Keri:
I am also 2 months post surgery as well and I use Lacrilube during the day and Refresh PM at night (bascially heavy ointments), since I found that the artifical tears were only good for a second and the gel only last for 30 minutes to an hour. I use sunglasses with heavy side frames outside and a moisture chamber at night ( I usually fade out at 9:30pm or so). I have found that this is the best compromise at the moment and work slowly on expanding the time with the Lacrilube. I do use a pirate patch when I am in windy conditions. I am going to go to a PT specialist to get any eye exercises- PM me later this week to see if I find anything out.

I was lucky with having Johns Hopkins doing the surgeries. (12 hour surgery by Dr Quinones-Hinojosa to remove the tumor, 4 hour surgery by Dr Howard Francis to plug the CSF leak and a Staph Infection surgery about a month later (unknown the cause for that at this time). I am very luck to have excellent insurance that picked up for the 17 days in the hospital this year for less than 1k out of pocket. I am looking at a BAHA in Sept/Oct since I have hit the maximum out of pocket for this year (one of the ways that I found out that I was an AN was due to SSD and facial problems).