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Title: Eye symptom?
Post by: LMH on June 09, 2008, 06:54:32 am
Hi everyone,

I have an 8x6 mm AN on my right side.  In January I started having some right eye twitching which changed to more of a strange sensation/almost like a numbness all around the eye.  It's not constant but does happen quite often.  I'm trying to determine whether it's related to the AN.  I've received differing opinions from doctors.  Some say it could be affecting the facial nerve, others say that's probably not the cause.  Just wondering if others have experienced this symptom.  Thanks!

Title: Re: Eye symptom?
Post by: leapyrtwins on June 09, 2008, 09:22:13 am
Lisa -

have you ever had this eye twitching before you realized you had an AN?

I only ask, because there have been occasions when both my eyes twitch (not at the same time).  In my case, the eye twitching is a result of stress or being tired; it is and was totally unrelated to my AN.  I was just wondering if this could be the case with you.

Title: Re: Eye symptom?
Post by: LMH on June 09, 2008, 09:27:25 pm

This is different than any normal eye twitching I've experienced before (in either eye).  It's not even a twitching anymore but more of a general strange sensation, almost like a numbness.  The eyelid has gone into somewhat of a spasm a couple of times but overall it's just a general, not normal feeling.  I just wish I knew if it had anything to do with the facial nerve but like I said some have said it isn't, others have said it could be.  I just don't know...

Title: Re: Eye symptom?
Post by: leapyrtwins on June 09, 2008, 09:51:16 pm
Sorry, Lisa, I just don't know either.

Although it is less than helpful, I'd say the answer to your question is "maybe".  It might or might be related to your AN.  While there are some common symptoms, IMO there also seem to be a fair share of "uncommon" symptoms.

Title: Re: Eye symptom?
Post by: OTO on June 10, 2008, 08:56:40 pm
I had a "strange" feeling on my An-side of the face (mostly cheek) but also periodic twitch below the eye.   Some times it was the eye lid... some time below the eye... sometime a twitch in the cheek.

The neurosurgeon I consulted with didn't think it was a problem.   I think it was the AN starting to affect the facial nerve or the stress or the fact that I use to sleep on that side of my face, because it felt more comfortable to keep the AN-ear against the pillow while I slept...
Title: Re: Eye symptom?
Post by: Omaschwannoma on June 11, 2008, 05:48:19 am
Wanted to "chime" in here as I experience the spasms/twitching also.  They started shortly after my surgery and continue to this day due to a prolpsed facial nerve.  I have full function of my facial nerve with the exception of the eye issue.  My surgeon says my twitching is due to the facial nerve. 
Title: Re: Eye symptom?
Post by: rosalie on June 11, 2008, 08:57:13 am
I've been having the same problem with eye twitching. I can't remember exactly when it started but it seems like it's getting worse. It happens several times a day, though it seems to occur more often when I'm tired. I keep hoping that it doesnt mean that I'll have problems with my eye after my surgery. I know from the MRI that my AN is also on my facial nerve.
Title: Re: Eye symptom?
Post by: LMH on June 11, 2008, 03:50:04 pm
Thanks Jan!

Karen - That is interesting that yours started after your surgery.  I've heard the term prolapsed facial nerve but I'm not sure exactly what that means.  But you have full control of the facial nerve?  I can deal with the symptom but I just want to know if it's possibly compressing the facial nerve or if it's even related to the AN at all.

Rosalie - So your MRI showed that your AN is on the facial nerve?  Mine is on the balance nerve and I was told there's no way to know if it's affecting the facial nerve until they get in there. 

Thanks so much for all of your replies.

Title: Re: Eye symptom?
Post by: Omaschwannoma on June 12, 2008, 07:34:29 am
I'm no medical doctor, but in my opinion if you have symptoms of pain in the face when smiling, can't hold smile for very long as muscles get tired, excessive saliva, drooling, eyebrow and lid drooping, eye twitching, biting your lip, tongue or inside of cheek, feelings of sharp shooting pains in face, numbness, etc. and have never had any or all of these symptoms I would think the doctors don't need to "get in there" to know if your facial nerve is being affected or not.  The bony canal (space where tumor grows) is sooooo small, room enough for only those three nerves, vestibular, hearing, facial, my guess is when tumor begins growing and pushing on other nerves they will be affected even if on and off symptoms occur over time, even years as in my case.  I didn't need my doctor to tell me the facial nerve is or isn't affected by the tumor--I could "feel" it was.  I had the above symptoms with the exception of eye twitching before my AN was removed.  After my most recent surgery I can now add to this list numbness of the palate and tip of tongue.  Hope this passes within the next few months.  I am surprised some days when I can "smell" my cup of coffee, but cannot taste it!  This isn't the case every day thankfully. 

FYI--prolapse where nerve falls out of place in a previous wound opening (dehiscence).  Hope this helps?  I do have synkenesis of facial/eye movements and some slight drooling that are noticeable to me and doctors, but not my friends (or maybe they are just being nice?)  They are slight differences at best.  I've been told to NOT have anymore surgeries to that ear, so as long as the tumor never returns I am good to go.  Depending on the skill of the surgeon, size of tumor, most facial nerves come out unscathed and I hope this is the case for you.

Below is an article on facial nerves and their intricacies.  Very technical but perhaps informative to those interested in which part of the face the nerves control. 

Title: Re: Eye symptom?
Post by: Betsy on June 12, 2008, 09:52:33 pm
Hey there Lisa,

I have numbness on my eyelid, but mostly on the roof of my mouth, the side of my tongue, and sometimes the whole left side of my face between the upper jaw and eyebrow.  Early on, most of the doctors dismissed this as a minor symptom, second to my balance/vertigo issues.  It's only on my AN side and almost only happens when I'm having a vertigo episode, which made me think it was related to the AN somehow. 

So I had the AN zapped, then started seeing a specialist for the vertigo and the theory is that it's not directly caused by the AN.  Apparently the migraines I've had since childhood are still happening (I thought I'd outgrown them), but now they're causing vertigo instead of pain.  Since the vestibular neighborhood is already crowded thanks to my dead or dying AN, the swollen blood vessels of the migraine put even more pressure on the nerves resulting in vertigo, increased tinnitus, varying degrees of facial numbness, plus the usual host of migraine symptoms such as nausea, light and sound sensitivity and nystagmus (eye movement).  You'd think with that many symptoms they could have diagnosed it quicker, right?

I just started Topamax 1 week ago to hopefully suppress the episodes.  I've worked my way through a list of other (less expensive) medications that didn't work. This one cost a lot more, so I have high hopes!

It all goes to show that we all have similar but different experiences with our ANs....just keep asking questions and talking to your doctors.  It may feel like information overload, but in the world of ANs knowledge is comfort.

Best wishes to you,