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Title: Looking for translab feedback/Dr Brackmann
Post by: firewalker on November 12, 2007, 08:17:00 am
Hi everyone,

I consulted with Dr Brackmann of House Clinic this last week and he suggested the translab procedure for my AN which is what I've been leaning toward because of my hearing loss in the AN ear.

I'm looking for anyone's experience in regards to having this surgery with him and their results. My AN is 2.8cm and my current symptoms are hearing loss (only have 10% useable hearing in that ear), balance problems (i.e. weaving while I walk, bumping into doorframes & unsteadiness while standing or turning), tinnitus, headaches & ear fullness. How did you like him, the clinic staff, hospital etc? What were your results after surgery in regards to facial weakness, headaches, balance? Did you have to travel far for his services? I'd appreciate anything you're willing to share with me about him~

You all are the greatest!
Title: Re: Looking for translab feedback/Dr Brackmann
Post by: firewalker on November 12, 2007, 09:38:47 am
I searched "Dr Brackmann" on the threads of the forum after I sent this out. They were extremely helpful and uplifting. Of course I didn't expect anything different but still need to be reassured. My experience so far with him has been the same as far as his expertist, professionalism, kindness and sincerity. Still looking for more specific feedback regarding my previous post regarding translab procedure with him.

Title: Re: Looking for translab feedback/Dr Brackmann
Post by: Desilu on November 12, 2007, 01:56:45 pm
Hi Firewalker,

Dr. Brackmann is totally awesome! Some of the posts that you read were probably written by me.  Everyone at House Ear Clinic and at St. Vincent's Hospital were very good. Others may have had a problem with a nurse or two but I did not. Dr. Brackmann used Middle Fossa approach on me but my tumor was smaller and I had 100% hearing in my AN ear. Your tumor is somewhat bigger and you really have no serviceable hearing in your AN ear so that's probably why he has suggested to do translab on you. Even with Middle Fossa approach, I had temporary facial paralysis, dry eye and balance issues but the doctors assured me that is was temporary and it was. I traveled from Indiana to House and it was well worth the trip. If I had to do it all over again, I would! I wish you the best on your AN journey. If I can be of futher help, just send me a personal email.   Ann

Title: Re: Looking for translab feedback/Dr Brackmann
Post by: 4cm in Pacific Northwest on November 12, 2007, 03:22:47 pm
Grandpa Brackmann knows his stuff!

I consulted with 9 surgeons about this weird looking atypical tumor I had... Once the tumor came out and I got the report – His guess was the most accurate - as to what it was. If you hardly have any hearing left I would just go with what he says. I chose a different path as I has such good hearing and I was going on a hope it was not an AN tumor (but unfortunately it was after all) ... The facial palsy is hard for me to deal with right now as I am not confident how well it is going to resolve -at this point. (I.e. I am not sure I made the best choice just yet -by not going the translab route ... too early to tell still). I am hearing good things about Dr. Schwartz (young neurosurgeon) if he gives you a choice of “who� you want for the neurosurgeon to work with him.

Dr. Brackmann has probably done more AN tumor surgeries than anyone in the world. He is also the man who devised the facial nerve scale that they rate facial outcome on -post surgery of normal = 0 and  total  paralysis =6. I am currently a 4.4 … whether I would have had a lower scale rating with the translab remains to be seen as I had a 4cm.

I have high regards for Dr. Brackmann. Don’t listen to others who comment about his age (70) – the man is spry and sharp as a tack. I just met him in June – and that was my positive impression. I hope I am that spry at his age… and still active.


Title: Re: Looking for translab feedback/Dr Brackmann
Post by: whity4d on November 12, 2007, 03:42:15 pm

My wife Susan used Dr Brackmann and Dr. Hitzelberger to do her surgery. We have to agree with Desilu. They were great. They really put us at ease. Sue's AN was about 4 cm. She had the Translab. If you are using Dr Brackmann ask him for Dr Hitzelberger to do the surgery with him. I did alot of reasearch when we found out that Sue had a AN. Dr Hitz and Brackmann have done over 6000 surgeries. We are with Kaiser and they wanted us to use their Dr.'s in San Diego to do the surgery but they had very little experiance and we felt so confident in them ( Hitzelberger and Brackmann) that we insisted that they be brought in to do the surgery. I had to pay their fee but I would do it again ( no brainer) ( no pun intended). With the size of my wifes AN we new the it was not going to be an easy surgery so we insisted on the best. She lost her hearing in her rt ear but it was already almost completly gone and the trade off of perminent loss of hearing vs the alternative was an easy decision. Its been about a year and a half and Sue is doing well. Most of her facial function has come back to normal, just a few numb spots, and they are getting smaller gradually. Tear drops are still a problem so we continue with the Refresh artificial tear drops. Her blance was a real issue after the surgery but with therapy it has improved a great deal. Sue still has some problems when she is tired, she says she feels like a drunk walking around but most of the time she does pretty well. This is a very important decision and having the best doctors available is a must to give youself the best possible outcome. We live in the Los Angeles area but to be honest with you I would have traveled anywhere necessary to have them do the surgery, they are that good. Though we had the surgery at the Kaiser facility ( about 15 min from St Vincents) they came to Kaiser every day to check on Sue.    Good luck. If we can be of help drop us a line.

Dan and Sue