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Title: Facial exercies anyone?
Post by: onebadass350bird on January 22, 2007, 11:44:37 pm
I've been doing some that my facial therapist gave me and noticed that when I do them, my AN side cheeck/jaw around gets and odd sensation in it, only when I'm doing the excercies and goes away soon after.  It's difficult to explain the feeling, iit's not painful, but not pleasant at the same time.  I kinda feels like the muscle in there may be getting fatiued from the mild work since they are so out of shape, damn, I hope right since they "should" get stronger after that.  Has anyone else had any similar experiences?

Title: Re: Facial exercies anyone?
Post by: TastyKakeman on January 23, 2007, 09:16:08 am
 Tom,  I am 4 months post-op. I had a PT come to my house to help me with my face. We started doing facial movements on the left side. Left side eye will not close and I have a noticable droop at left side mouth. We did these exercises until I went back to my ENT. He pretty much told me that the PT on my face would be a waste of time. The nerve would have to heal on it's own. So now I do some on my own. I too have had those sensations around the face. I want to believe that it's part of the healing process. My surgery was done at Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore MD. 9 and 1/2 hours. Biggest struggle I am having is droop at the mouth. Still kind of hard to pronouce the B's and the P's. :-\
Title: Re: Facial exercies anyone?
Post by: nancyann on January 23, 2007, 12:04:23 pm
Hi there - I'm not up to you guys yet, still have the facial paralysis.
Was told the same thing - wait until movement starts.  Also have big time problems with B's & P's. 
At work when I'm on the phone to insurance cos., I have to say 'twice a day' instead of BID.

Can't wait for movement (I hope, I hope), so I can start facial exercises too.
Wishing everyone a full, happy smile,  Nancy
Title: Re: Facial exercies anyone?
Post by: Quailruner on January 23, 2007, 09:41:15 pm
Hey Tom,

I am a little over a month out of surgery, and I get a sensation when moving the jaw/cheek.
I have a hearing sensation, when my jaw is closed I can hear more out of the AN side and visa-versa.
I still have facial weakness and have not yet regained muscle control below my eye.
Also in the same boat as Nancy, I have a hard time with "P's" and "B's".
Good luck with the therapy.

Take Care,

Kenn A.