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Title: Facial Paralysis
Post by: ajhunsicker on February 25, 2005, 04:43:57 pm
I am almost 1 year post-op and still have significant right side facial paralysis.  My surgeons told me that all facial nerves showed signs of stimulation (prior to being stitch back up) and they expect my face to return to normal, it is just a waiting thing.  But I am slowly loosing hope.  I do at times notice little tingling on the right side in the area of my mouth.  I don't know if this is good or bad.  My eye surgeon suggested some more cosmetic surgery to lift the right side of my check and lip, but I am hesitant because I really want my face to be normal again. 
Title: Re: Facial Paralysis
Post by: rvkorte on February 25, 2005, 10:53:02 pm
  I have heard of facial tone improvement for up to two years. If your facial nerve reacted positively to the evoked potential monitor during surgery, you may want to keep your chin up.
 Best wishes and don't give up the ship yet!   -Russ
Title: Re: Facial Paralysis
Post by: Raydean on February 26, 2005, 04:12:48 pm
Please ask your Doctor about  having a EMG test done by the best neurologist in your area.  This test will show how much (or how little) nerve response remains and where.  it's a very useful tool to have for your decision making process.  I would also look into facial retraining to see what you could be working on that may help in the return. 

In consideration of all options please make sure that the doctors discusses with you the expected gains in TONE and MOTION.  A person can gain in Tone, which is good, it helps fight the gravity issue, or can gain in TONE and MOTION which is even better.  It's important that this be discussed indepth with your doctors so you both understand the expectations.

Please consider attending a support group meeting.   (ANA National office in Cummings Georgia will be able to provide you with the contact person for the support nearest you.)  We found ours to be a valuable source of information as well as a source of emotional support.  It helps to know that you aren't the only person dealing with these issues and  others maybe able to offer suggestions that helped in dealing with this, or helped to make life easier.

Best to you

Title: Re: Facial Paralysis
Post by: ajhunsicker on March 01, 2005, 06:32:29 am
What exactly is an EMG test??? I have a post-op visit coming up in April and will surely discuss my options with him.    I have thought about joining one of the AN support groups, but unfortunately the closest one to where I live is 1 1/2 hours away.  It makes it a little inconvenient.  Thanks for the online support.  It is really tuff at times.  Epecially today since I woke up with a really irratated eye.  It hurts to touch.  Almost feels like something is in it, but I can't imagine what.  I have flushed it, put tons of drops in it and cream.  Now I can hardly see out of it.  I even wear a plastic bubble over my eye at night which makes a greenhouse effect and keeps my eye moist.  But some mornings I still have trouble like today.  Does it ever end!!!!!    :'(     I do appreciate the feedback!  Thanks!
Title: Re: Facial Paralysis
Post by: Becky on March 01, 2005, 07:45:22 am
Hi.  I am too far from any local support groups too.

I hope you're feeling better soon.  What you said about your eye -- that has happened to me before too.  If you're not feeling better soon, give your doc a call.  There might be a prescription cream or something better than what you have if the eye has an abrasion from being dry and irritated.

It does get better, but you know life -- it's a wild ride.  Just hang on :)