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Title: melatonin
Post by: mwatto on July 08, 2021, 07:39:27 pm
I have been taking melatonin since I had Cyberknife just over two years ago and it has helped me a lot - I barely have tinnitus and it really helps me sleep (I get compounded here in Australia). Anyway, I collect articles on it as I enjoy research and came across this today.
Title: Re: melatonin
Post by: AIteach on July 28, 2021, 12:01:06 pm
Interesting! I take melatonin as well. I am still on W&W, but will soon treat with radiation (after 10 years it has grown a bit).  Hopefully it will help a bit.
Title: Re: melatonin
Post by: mwatto on July 28, 2021, 07:37:32 pm
Hi there yes I tried Circadin and found that for me the 2mg compounded troches (ask for premium white chocolate as melts better) helps me fall asleep. There is quite a bit on melatonin and tinnitus plus its anti-inflammatory. I have tried liquid, troches, slow release etc always low dose. Been on two years and I dont seem to have tinnitus. I take at bedtime which for me is 10pm. I tried gelatin trosches which I did not like. Gummies I avoid re online melatonin eg Natrol made me feel sick as did Ollies. In Australia melatonin requires a script which is fine by me.
Title: Re: melatonin
Post by: bfoley on July 29, 2021, 04:08:07 am
Hi Michelle - What mg dose do you take?  It does not require an RX in the states and I was going to give it a try.  You don't like the gummies, so do you take in in pill form or liquid (sublingual)?

Also - thanks for being active on the board.  I appreciate all your posts!
Title: Re: melatonin
Post by: mwatto on July 30, 2021, 08:44:49 pm
hey there. Well I currently take 2 mg compounded (premium troche - white chocolate - I will double check. The gelatin ones didn't work and some are also cheap and dont dissolve) I tried liquid it was ok but the ones I have seem to work better than any- including higher dosage, circadin and slow release. The gummies I don't think are a great idea re canuba wax not that good and plus they have other ingredients that are not good. I also don't recommend B6 added (I tried) if you have any methylation issue (I have a common one). I will ask compounder today. I get the 4 mg prescribed and they cut in two for me.  I feel this is the way to go. I take at 10 pm bedtime - lights out at 10.30 pm fall asleep 11 pm sleep through till about 7 am - if I wake during night I ensure I wear my buckys sleep mask after trip to loo and its back to sleep. The mask is because despite blockout curtains we have light from streets light. Must have complete darkness for melatonin to work. No side effects helps on many levels cognitive, nerve pain, tinnitus, immune etc. My specialist and doctor said stay on indefinitely as safest for sleep after treatment.  I am 60 years old. If I get nerve pain that wakes me up say at 3 am I take a 1mg troche OR 1mg valium...this is a muscle relaxant and also anti inflammatory though I dont often use the latter unless I am feeling anxious re nerve pain. Lately no nerve pain so I dont need anything except melatonin. In morning I take D3 and K2, boswellia and curcumin. I tried honopure but cant say it helped me sleep, tried PEA for nerves was ok but didnt continue. Oh I am also working on PAK-1 pathway so take Bio 30, curcumin and also going to try a few other things recommended by Prof Maruto (I have a PDF of natural compounds) so even Ivermectin and low dose Doxycycline work on this pathway. Basically I work on reducing inflammation daily. I have a great PDF on the biology of the VS. I collect articles on melatonin as I learn more as I research.