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Title: Radiation Oncologist Vanderbilt University
Post by: v357139 on June 15, 2021, 08:20:20 pm
Hello all.  I have not been on much lately.  Translab in 2013 and its all in the rear view mirror for me as far as my own AN.  I spoke to someone today who previously had surgery for meningioma.  Then more recently, has has meningioma regrowth and also acoustic neuroma.  I believe she said Grade II meningioma.  She is being treated with radiosurgery.  But she is not happy with her current radiosurgeon.  Does anyone know any good radiosurgeons in the Vanderbilt University area? 

Also, could the combination of meningioma and acoustic neuroma be an indication of something like NF2 and if so are there particular doctors at Vanderbilt who specialize in diagnosing/treating NF2 or whatever this tumor combination might be?

Is there someone who has had this meningioma/AN experience would might be willing to talk to her?  That may be more effective than relaying through me who did not have meningioma.

All the best friends.