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Title: Facial paralysis on radiation side and vision issues
Post by: gbly on January 01, 2021, 07:11:40 pm
I noticed a few older posts, but decided 2017 was late.
I had radiation on my left side in in Sept. 2020, it is now 3 months and a week, left side of face has paralysis.  Mouth won't smile, eye still shuts, but not a well.  My none radiated side can't wink without the left side working, so doing facial exercises, but unsure if they are working cause nothing moves.

Doctor started me on 5 days of 2mg steroid.  Vision is terrible in my left eye, but comes and goes.  Steroid does not seem to be working well for the vision.  I think I am more worried about the vision so seeing if anyone else had something similar and what you did and how long it lasted?

I am hoping just the expected swelling from radiation, but also had a rapid growing tumor, so need to get a follow up MRI to make sure this thing is not growing.
Appreciate any words of wisdom from the group.