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Title: Rapid Growth AN and GK?
Post by: gbly on August 25, 2020, 02:43:38 pm
Hello everyone. 
I want to apologies up front if this post is already with the thread, I went through about 30 pages.  The reading was very informative. 

My AN was found April 2019 and was put in a wait and watch.  My 1 year MRI has shown rapid growth to 1.6 cm.  Of course the surgeon wants to operate but I am leaning heavily towards the GK.  I have a follow up in two weeks with the Dr. so the below questions will be asked, but wanted to get others input so I go in with as much information as possible.

My questions to the group are:
1. What the heck does rapid growth mean in the grand scheme? 
2. Will GK work on a rapid growth AN?
3. What was your experience and where are you at now?

Thank you and appreciate everyone and the way forward.

Left AN found April 2019 - 4 - 5 mm
1 yr MRI - Aug 2020 1.6 cm
Title: Re: Rapid Growth AN and GK?
Post by: CHD63 on August 28, 2020, 03:59:12 pm
Hi gbly and welcome to this forum .....

In preparation for your appointment in a couple of weeks, you might want to check out the ANA list of questions for physicians found at: (

1) It does sound like your AN has grown a bit faster than the average so you will need to monitor it closely and make note of any new symptoms.  Typically an AN grows 1-2mm per year but some may stop growing altogether at some point (impossible to predict).  Some can grow more rapidly so all patients need to remain vigilant.

2) This is a question for your doctor to answer.  If you are considering GK, it would be good to have a second opinion from a doctor who specializes in GK.

3) Like you, I experienced a rapidly growing AN but I decided on surgery and I am doing well now.

Best wishes.  Clarice
Title: Re: Rapid Growth AN and GK?
Post by: gbly on August 28, 2020, 09:54:56 pm
Thank you so much for the welcome. 

I have printed the questions and will definitely be asking the Dr.  Interestingly my doctor is a surgeon and of course would like to do surgery - TransLab.  Of course I am scared of the surgery, but will listen.  We also want to hear from the doctor about GK, but will get all of the questions answered.

I am so glad you are all here and appreciate everyone.
Will keep everyone posted.