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Title: Getting upset by "noise pollution."
Post by: Sharky on June 05, 2019, 10:17:37 pm
Hi everyone,

I'm in W&W for a small AN until November when I have a follow-up hearing test and MRI. My hearing on the affected side is only slightly below normal, and my most obvious symptom now is the fullness in the ear and the ringing, which is intermittent-ish. I did have a dramatic vertigo event a month ago that sent me to the doc, but nothing since then. I *might* hav a pituitary tumor as well, or so my primary doctor suspects. It didn't show on my recent MRI, but the pituitary protocol also was not followed, so I'll get an answer about that as well, in November. I'm being assessed for NF2 in August.

When looking back over this past couple of years, I am thinking about the number of times that I have become upset--as in angry, tearful, frustrated, disturbed--about some kind of noise happening in my environment, like someone talking on the phone nearby in a public place, or music in the grocery store that felt too loud. I would feel like I either HAD to get the noise to stop, or I needed to escape. Almost like a low-level panic. I have even wondered at times if I was on the spectrum and just undiagnosed, because I felt such sensory overload about something that many others wouldn't even notice.

Has anyone else had this experience? I'm sort of trying to piece it together with having the AN.
Title: Re: Getting upset by "noise pollution."
Post by: bfoley on June 06, 2019, 06:45:01 am
Hi Sharky!

I find that pitches that closely match my tinnitus drive me crazy!  I was doing yoga and the music went to a tone in savasana that actually hurt to hear (so bad that I started to cry).  As soon as we said namaste, I grabbed my shoes and ran out the door.  It was a small miracle I could last even that long.  That was the same "HAD to escape ASAP" feeling that you had.

I am pretty careful about the places I go now.  My tinnitus is a high pitched sound, so things like banging dishes/pots bother it too.  I don't want to be seated by the kitchen.  Maybe you can find what sounds/pitches are most bothersome and bring on your symptoms.  Just being aware that your panic feeling can be caused by the sounds in your environment is step one.

Good Luck on your AN journey...
Title: Re: Getting upset by "noise pollution."
Post by: Sharky on June 06, 2019, 11:47:26 am
Hi there bfoley..

I'm sorry that experience happened to you *during savasana.*  :( Thank you for sharing it.

That's a good idea about trying to listen for pitch. As I'm remembering, it was mostly the volume that bothered my nervous system just can't hang with that. I've never experienced pain like you did...BUT my tinnitus is also brand new, so who's to say what the future will bring.

All the best to you, too. :-)
Title: Re: Getting upset by "noise pollution."
Post by: notaclone13 on June 06, 2019, 06:46:45 pm
I find that wearing an earplug in my AN ear helps with noise-triggered tinnitus. On the days when the tinnitus is really aggravating, I just wear my ear plug. I find I can still hear good enough just using one ear and in fact hear even better without the loud distracting tinnitus. I have tried a variety of earplugs and the ones that work best for me are Howard Leight Max. They are an orange bullet shape earplug. It might look a little funny, but the benefit it provides outweighs the embarrassment.
Title: Re: Getting upset by "noise pollution."
Post by: jami on June 19, 2019, 07:27:55 pm
This is such a valuable thread.

I had surgery in August, losing my hearing BUT with I now have the constant white noise / tinnitus that comes with removal of hearing nerve (the neuroma was wrapped around my balance nerve, so the hearing was not a leading symptom but both nerves were removed).

Post surgery...when tired, the impact of the "noise pollution" goes up. Managing it with work is best when I am planful and stick to boundaries. It s not formally considered a disability (best I can tell) but its tough to work in an open office, have meetings in a cafe, or be on a long plane ride.  Ordering food in a busy cafeteria has been my trigger to tears.

I wear a lot of noise canceling headphones, work in conference rooms vs open office, refuse to meet in loud places, and got a Dr note to fly business class for intl travel. And the Yoga!! Have not braved it with a class, but I LIVE by the app APPTIV, and when I travel, do it every single day.

Love this forum. Its great to hear other stories AND to have a chance to share my experiences.

Best to all of you!