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Title: balance--barefoot shoes
Post by: Rocky on June 01, 2019, 03:24:48 am
Hello- I had my cyberknife surgery Jan 31, 2019- I have always been quite clumsy. Now I seem to have a very slight vertigo problem and I have started to trip more easily. I am on vacation and have been using a close fitting sandal, but this week I have flown through the air twice. Now, I have changed to my very light weight Merrell barefoot (closed) shoes. Merrell barefoot type shoes provide little between you and the ground for maximum connection underfoot. They are specially constructed for  "enhanced proprioception and stability during variable movement." This system really helps me....I do not work for Merrell- perhaps there are other shoes that are equally helpful??
Every little bit helps!!
Title: Re: balance--barefoot shoes
Post by: chrisabbott on June 01, 2019, 08:06:15 am
I used to trip over myself quite a bit, never thought it was due to the AN I recently found out I have.  I happen to have arthritis in one hip several decades, and more recently, a bit of trouble with my knee in the other leg.  I had a fall last year (last couple steps/fractured wrist).  It occurred to me that I needed to take more care, and in particular, be mindful about walking.  We hear a lot about mindful eating etc., and I start my day really thinking about the contact my feet make with the ground, planting my feet down straight on steps, lifting my knees, and how that feels.  I also think about posture, looking ahead and not down at my feet etc. I don't stumble anymore - I wear light, snug and supportive shoes around the house because I feel more confident.  I can't attribute the improvement to anything other than mindful walking at the start of each day, or coincidence, since I get my AN taken care of later this month.

I hope you're doing well and the CK worked for you.
Title: Re: balance--barefoot shoes
Post by: Rocky on June 03, 2019, 03:55:36 am
Thanks Crissa,
I try to be mindful--but sometimes I just start rushing! These"barefoot" shoes really help me feel the ground!
Title: Re: balance--barefoot shoes
Post by: Sharky on June 06, 2019, 05:02:20 pm
I was just researching this last night. I was on this website:

I don't have  a big balance problem right now, but since I know I could in the future, I am thinking ahead. I have a subtle balance issue, where I have to be a little more deliberate when I walk, but I don't think others would notice. I wear Dansko clogs daily to work and, despite their great reputation for comfort, they make me feel unstable, like I am on stilts. I don't like them and am seeking alternatives.

The site recommends brands like Ecco and Mephisto, among others. These are not the cheapest shoes in the world, lol. I found one pair I love at a mere $200+. They are called Mephisto "Yael," I believe. But really, if they help stabilize me in the future, a pair or two that I wear daily would be worth the money. I don't really have a shoe collection anyway. :-)
Title: Re: balance--barefoot shoes
Post by: chrisabbott on June 06, 2019, 07:25:15 pm
I don't know if they are as good today but when I lived in UK I bought Ecco for myself and my infant son - they were incredibly comfortable and well made.  They will last and so worth spending a little extra on.

Lately, I have included Munro shoes when I go shopping - they are made in USA (Hot Springs, AR) and have a very wide range of sizes and widths.  Excellent shoes for business travel.

Other than a few Sketchers, I avoid shoes made in China as they are not designed to fit my feet, and rarely have sufficient support.