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Title: Scleral lens problem - looking for suggestions and tips
Post by: tugnutt on January 07, 2018, 10:59:18 am
I've had my scleral lens from Boston Foundation for about 9 months.  When I started wearing it, I was using the petroleum-based lubricating ointment at night, which made getting the eye slow to clear in the morning.  That is some sticky goo!  On the suggestion of my ophthalmologist, I started using the hypromellose lubricant (GenTeal) overnight, which helped immensely.  However, since then, my eye seems to be producing copious fluids, behind the lens, leaving my vision blurry again.  I thought it might be a reaction to the disinfectant (hydrogen peroxide, Clear Care) so I replaced the enzyme.  No help. I replaced my lens (which admittedly was pretty scratched up) with a new one.  No major difference.  I recently met with my Ophthalmologist, and the cornea is in good shape.  Has anyone had similar symptoms?  I am wondering if a simple daily lens would address this.  I guess it depends on what the cause is, and I am currently stumped.

Thanks for your suggestions!
Title: Re: Scleral lens problem - looking for suggestions and tips
Post by: Jill Marie on January 07, 2018, 10:09:35 pm
Hi!  I didn't have that issue as I used ointment 24/7 with my lens so vision was always blurry.  I developed an allergic reaction to my lens and had to quit using it so started using the daily lens and I love it, costs about $1.00 a day but there aren't any cleaning expenses.  You might give it a shot.  Jill
Title: Re: Scleral lens problem - looking for suggestions and tips
Post by: tugnutt on January 09, 2018, 07:54:36 am
Jill Marie,  I have seen your posts in other threads about eye issues, and I admit that I am intrigued. My local ophthalmologist was highly skeptical of the scleral lens, until he reviewed data about it, so I have to go armed with information. Is there any such information for the daily lens for our condition, that you are aware of?  Does your eye tear (I'm not sure about mine), and if not, how does the lens stay hydrated?  Is there anything else about your specific condition/situation you think might help me?  What was the symptom of the allergic reaction to your lens?

This recent change mostly affects me in the morning.  By afternoon, the fluid accumulation seems to stop and the lens is good. 

You (and others) on this page have been so very helpful, I felt so lost until I found this resource! 
Title: Re: Scleral lens problem - looking for suggestions and tips
Post by: Jill Marie on January 09, 2018, 10:19:46 pm
Your eye doctor sounds like the one I had before I got the lens, my lens wasn't a scleral lens, didn't get the technical measurements etc.  My lens was a lot like the scleral as it was a hard lens that was bigger then most contact lenses but not quite as big as the scleral.  My eye doctor told me I couldn't use a contact lens so I didn't pursue it for years.  Then Dena King (will never forget her name) posted on here about the scleral lens and as I was to the point of wanting my eye removed and worried I could no longer work I went to my eye doctor and he told me to contact a wonderful lady that specialized in contact lenses for people like me but not as bad off as I was.  He told me to not waste my money on an appointment, just send my history to her.  I mailed her a detailed letter and received a call from her 24 hours later saying she could help me.  Two weeks later I had an appointment with her and walked out with a lens that day, best Christmas present ever.  I was skeptical about a lens so was my eye doctor but not my new doctor she is awesome, wants to try everything, I'm the hesitant one but not like I use to be, everything she has wanted me to try has worked out. 

I wore the hard lens for a couple of years then my eye started getting irritated, burning and infected just like it did before I got the lens.  At first I thought it was do to all the smoke in the air as we were having lots of forest fires that Fall.  The fires went away but the pain didn't.  I returned to my eye doctor and she suggested the daily contact lens, I had nothing to loose.  She put the lens in that day and showed me how to use it.  My eye felt better the next day and within 3 days all was good again.  She told me she wanted me to use the daily lens the first day she saw me but she could tell from talking to me that I didn't want to try it, I wanted to stick with what I knew someone else used. 

I don't know of any information on the daily lens that addresses our issues.  The lens I use now is the Acuvue Oasys with Hydraluxe.    I was using another lens but it was a little harder to put in, this lens came out a few months later and is easier to put in so I went with it.  I've been using it for a couple of years now and have only had 1 eye infection, my eye doctor gave me a prescription and the infection cleared right up.  My eye doesn't tear at all so I use ointment as well.  My eye doctor was hoping I could use the disposable eye drops with the lens but my lower lid doesn't hold the drops in well enough.  When I retire next year I'm going to look into the possibilities of some facial surgery to help with that problem so I can see clearly again.  Before I got either lens I was scared to death that a lens would stick to my eye or I wouldn't be able to put the lens in and take it out, there have been a few times with both lenses where I had problems but now know I can handle it, it's like riding a bike now, you just know how to do it! 

We are similar in our issues but different in what will work for each of us.  You just need to keep trying things tell you find what works for you.  If you have to you can get an eye doctor that is more willing to experiment with what works for you, it made all the difference for me.  My first eye doctor was a great guy but he just wasn't equipped to help me.

If I think of anything else I will let you know and you are more than welcome to ask more questions and to share what you are doing for your eye.  I continue to read and post here both looking for things that can help me and to help others as others have helped me!  Good luck, Jill 8)
Title: Re: Scleral lens problem - looking for suggestions and tips
Post by: tugnutt on January 15, 2018, 09:59:48 am
Jill Marie, Thanks so much for that great information and advice!  It turns out that my scleral lens was VERY scratched and perhaps warped, probably because I was taking it out frequently, and I wasn't very careful... and probably caused the damage. I had a backup lens that I am now using, and feels pretty great, so am wearing that.

THAT SAID, until I had the neuroma surgery, I used soft lenses for years.  I still wear one in my right eye for distance (monovision) sometimes.  The lenses are Acuvue 2, I am considering trying one of them to see how it feels.  I am a bit worried about it getting stuck in my eye... any suggestions about that?  Like I said, I have worn soft lenses for decades, and I have zero problem with inserting and removing them,  and no problem with the large and hard scleral lens.  Maybe I just need to be bold and give it a try!!   If that lens works, I may pursue the Oasys Hydraluxe! THANK YOU!!!
Title: Re: Scleral lens problem - looking for suggestions and tips
Post by: Jill Marie on January 16, 2018, 10:00:19 pm
Glad to hear that you found out the problem you were having with your lens was because it was scratched, hopefully the backup one works well for you and you can get another lens if that's what you want/need to do.  I've never had a regular soft lens so I'm not sure about the sticking to your eye possibilities. Perhaps your eye doctor could tell you the difference between the Acuvue 2 and the Hydraluxe so you and your doctor can decide if it would be okay to try the Acuvue 2 lens.  I would think that as long as you keep the eye moist the lens shouldn't stick.  The only time I have a problem getting my lens out is if I'm really tired and didn't use as much drops or ointment as I should have.  Good luck, Jill