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Title: electromyography
Post by: sophiegian on December 23, 2017, 03:51:02 am
Hello there! I am 6 and a half months post operation and I deal with facial paralysis. Yesterday I did the electromyography test and there wasn't any response.I have no movement in the left part of my face. The neurologist didn't give me any hopes and told me to see the options I have to reconnect nerves.Anyone had similar experience? Thank you
Title: Re: electromyography
Post by: alabamajane on December 23, 2017, 08:02:58 am
Hi,  welcome and so sorry to hear of your facial issues,,,,you aren’t alone,, there are several of us on here who have dealt with it.

I suggest contacting your neurosurgeon and discussing your options with him/her,, there are options,,
I had the 12/7 nerve graft ( facial-hypoglossalnerve) ,  or facial to tongue nerve. Basically I press my tongue to the roof of my mouth to smile. I have very good resting tone to that side and a fair smile. But MUCH better than without the surgery. I had this surgery 4 days after AN surgery so it’s been 6 years now. But I saw results begin soon after surgery and continue for a couple of years after. I was told 12-18 months was timeframe for results but I feel I saw results for a longer period than that.

There is also a gracilis free flap surgery that can be done to help produce your smile. Several people on here have had that. I was told VERY basically that it’s a muscle usually from your thigh transplanted into your check to control your smile.
There is also a T-3 surgery that happens more in the temple area I think,,,,,I didn’t check into it myself.

I hope others will chime in and give their experiences and advice on these surgeries,,, there IS hope for improvement,, you just have to find a good doctor. Let us know the part of the country you are in and I’m confident someone will have recommendations!

Wishes for a Happy Holidays and Peace for your heart,,,,
Title: Re: electromyography
Post by: sophiegian on December 23, 2017, 12:45:19 pm
Hi Jane! Thank you for the respond. I have heard the two options you refer. I don't know T3. I am from Greece and I had a huge tumor 4,5*4,2. I lost my hearing. The doctors told me that the facial nerve was intact but there is no respond. I am glad that you have a good outcome. It will surely help me to hear similar experiences and recomedations. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you, too. :)
Title: Re: electromyography
Post by: vickieastwood on December 31, 2017, 11:07:59 am
Sophiegain, you sound a lot like me. My AN was 4.2 and my dr's said they thought my facial nerve was intact. I waited over 2 years and never had any improvements - the droop just got worse. I was just so grateful to be here, I felt guilty when bothered by the droop and my vision and hearing. Finally I put that aside and decided I wasn't just going to live with it and started researching options. Because I'd waited, the gracilis flap surgery was the best option for me. I had mine done at Johns Hopkins in August and have just started to get movement again. I see small improvements every week and am so glad I took steps to improve my quality of life. Good luck to you on your journey! Let me know if you want to hear more about mine.
Title: Re: electromyography
Post by: sophiegian on January 08, 2018, 04:55:27 am
Vickyastwood thank you for the respond. I have sceduled an appointment with a doc who is doing these things. I want to solve this as good as possible. I am glad that you did this and goes well. Happy New Year