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Title: Pennsylvania drs
Post by: AngelaH. on April 17, 2017, 09:17:23 am
Has anyone had experience with neurosurgeons in PA area, especially Hershey (Penn State) or Pittsburgh area?
I am also in proximity to Maryland and Virginia....seeking recommendations.
Title: Re: Pennsylvania drs
Post by: LakeErie on April 17, 2017, 05:05:49 pm
UPMC -Univ Pittsburgh Medical Center. Good first place to start geographically. Good for microsurgery or Gamma Knife.
Title: Re: Pennsylvania drs
Post by: rupert on April 19, 2017, 06:19:45 pm
In Pittsburg , Dr. Barry Hirsch is  well known for AN treatment among other things.  He Has vast experience in all facets of AN surgery and works with neurosurgeons at UPMC.   UPMC is also a world class GK treatment center and has done the most AN treatments in the Country. Contact the image guided radio-surgery dept. Dr. Dade Lunsford is the contact there.
Title: Re: Pennsylvania drs
Post by: InnerGrace on April 21, 2017, 03:53:24 am
Hey there!!!!  I had my tumor removed by Dr's Hirsch and Gardner at Presby last May!!!  Wonderful, wonderful doctors!!!!!  Dr. Hirsch is the bomb and can't say enough good things about that man!  I went to his office two weeks ago, hadnt' seen him since my surgery and he remembered who I was.... that is an amazing feeling when they care to remember who you are!!!!  Highly recommeded!!!!
Title: Re: Pennsylvania drs
Post by: Luvlylin on July 26, 2017, 03:42:53 pm
I found out June 1st of this year that I have a 5mm x 3mm acoustic Neuroma    My doctors are Dr. Barry Hirsch and Paul Gardner.  Love them both !!!!   I'm on watch and wait until December 19th. If there is growth by then , I'll have translab to remove tumor. I only have 20% hearing in my left ear , the AN side. Right ear is my good side.
Title: Re: Pennsylvania drs
Post by: ANSydney on July 26, 2017, 05:35:18 pm
If you have a 0.5x0.3 cm tumor, you would need a lot of growth in December to warrant intervention.
Title: Re: Pennsylvania drs
Post by: ewhitese on July 30, 2017, 07:33:12 pm
I too am a post toasty from upmc Pittsburgh, Hirsch and Gardner both were responsible for my care.  I was gama knifed in 2013 at shady side hospital.  I Drove 2 hours to the appointment and walked out an hour later.  Can't say enough good about their expertise and patient centered care.  I am 4 years post op, doing well, remodeling my bathroom, resumed my life adjusted for the single sided deafness, adjusted to my balance issues and only occasionally notice side effects.
Yes UPMC and Dr Hirsch's team are world class, they will keep track of you and keep you in care as long as needed.
Title: Re: Pennsylvania drs
Post by: Geminigirl529 on July 31, 2017, 06:57:58 am

I'm a Pittsburgher diagnosed in March with the AN. I started to have symptoms last winter tintinis, fullness and some hearing loss in my left ear.  Thought it was wax.  Never heard of an AN.  My doctor is Barry Hirsh.  Also met Dr. Gardner.  I have been on watch and wait. My next MRI is this week thursday Aug. 3rd.  The original diagnosis is a 10x4x4mm.   They said it was small.  Also my age is a factor, I am 78. Dr. Hirsh said old brains don't like to be lifted.  So I m not sure what my options will be.  i have a lot of questions since my diagnosis.I just started to check the AN sites, some things i read are freightening. I am encouraged to hear that you are all satisfied with dr. Hirsh. This finding seems to take a lot of my time emotionally. I have always been in good health and very active. I am  trying to be positive.  I am sorry if i seem to be nattering on and on.  I do appreciate reading all the positive information.

thank you,

Title: Re: Pennsylvania drs
Post by: InnerGrace on August 12, 2017, 02:06:20 pm
Hi, Jean!!!  I see you are a Gemini girl and your name on here  has 529... could that mean your birthday is on the 29th of May?  Mine is as well and I had my tumor removed the day after my 47th birthday last year on Memorial Day... Dr.  Hirsch cancelled plans with his family to schedule my surgery at my convenience and around MY family plans..♥.... You are in quite capable and wonderful hands!!!!  :D