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Title: Baha Post
Post by: bj973 on March 15, 2017, 04:07:03 pm
Anyone have issues with the length of their baha post?  I recently had surgery to install the post, but it seemed short from day one.
The healing cap fit tight and kept popping off.  Post appears to be 2-3mm below the skin.

Doctor now says that the post is too short and we'll need to redo surgery.

Anyone have any similar issues?
Title: Re: Baha Post
Post by: Kristena on March 16, 2017, 02:41:55 pm
Was the abutment drilled in too far, or has skin grown up over the post? The abutment is supposed to be below the skin level and can be left in place and closed up if the Baha isn't right for you. Overgrown skin is a common problem, and moving to a longer post is a simple procedure that can be done in the office. It shouldn't require surgery.

If the abutment was placed too far into the bone (or at a poor angle), I do believe they would have to move a specified distance from the first abutment and place a new one during another surgery. But I think that would be extremely rare.
Title: Re: Baha Post
Post by: bj973 on March 21, 2017, 01:11:56 pm
Im not sure of the drill depth.  The abutment is now ~4mm below the skin and offset from the hole in the skin.  Skin is completely healed over after 2.5 weeks. If I were to move to just a longer post, the skin would have to be pushed up to align the hole & post centerlines. (think olympic rings)

I have the 2nd longest abutment (12mm) and will be moving to a 14mm.  In addition, soft tissue will have to be taken out to reduce the distance from the skull to the skin surface.
Title: Re: Baha Post
Post by: Theham on June 03, 2017, 11:06:39 am
I just had my abutment recently placed - my initial abutment is 14mm.   It was implanted just over a week ago.  I am so far expecting the swelling to reduce to the point that the abutment barely protrudes the recommended amount.  I am in the same boat, expecting at some point in the future that I'll likely  need a soft tissue reduction as well.   Fingers crossed for the best, plans for the worst.  It is at least initially looking like it's going to be a near ideal initial fitting.  I am hopeful that i won't require any additional surgeries for a while - I have some busy travel plans in my future.