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Title: Scleral lens gets hazy
Post by: jaqiday on December 20, 2015, 11:53:44 am
Hi all, I am using a scleral lens which has been great for my eye pain etc. I have problems with the lens getting hazy after I have it in a short time. I am constantly having to clean it which is making vision again less than ideal. I am having problems finding the right solution. My fitter has me using Unisol 4 (which is now being discontinued) to fill the lens. I was using Clear Care to clean it, but he said to try Unique PH to see if it will help with the hazing.  I am actually finding it worse for the clouding and it makes my eye gooey (yuck).

I would love to hear what other scleral wearers use to manage their lens and keep their vision and eye happy.

Thank you all
Title: Re: Scleral lens gets hazy
Post by: Kerrybr92 on December 21, 2015, 03:24:32 pm
First of all do not worry about unisol being discontinued.  You can use sodium chloride .9%. They come in 3ml or 5 ml vials.  This is normally used for nebulizers but has been used off label for rinsing and filling of scleral lenses.  I was first introduced to this at the Boston Foundation for Sight.  It turns out it is must less expensive then unisol because they come in small vials so there is no waste.  You can either get a Rx for them or you can order them on line.  You can get them at the Dry Eye Shop on the web.  They have many things to assist with scleral lens wearing.

As far as the lens getting foggy I have had problems with that too.  My doctors determined during fitting that it is from very small leaks and debris gets in and causes the fog.  The doctors made many different lenses for me but we needed to balance it being tight enough to not have too much debris come in and not be too tight.  I have solved the problem but putting one to two vials of Refresh Celluvisc in the lens before insertion.  This creates a better seal on my eye and no debris can make its way in.  It may be blurry for about a minute while the drops move to to the edges of the lenses.  I would give that a try.

Good luck.
Title: Re: Scleral lens gets hazy
Post by: Doc on January 11, 2016, 08:33:58 am
Try ‘Opti Free Puremoist' - works very well for me. I also keep a bottle of ‘Blink Tears’ handy; I put a drop or two in my eye a fews times a day for the extra little bit of comfort.

Take Care  ;)

Title: Re: Scleral lens gets hazy
Post by: Cheryl C on October 16, 2016, 01:46:40 pm
Hoping this post is not too late, but I also have haziness with my scleral lens from time to time.  My doctor had said it was due to the eyelid not closing tightly and air causing the haze - hmmmm.   When I take it out I can see a haze streak across the center area.

As far as using Opti Free Puremoist, do you use it in your eye with the lens in it already?  And the Blink Tears?  I had gotten some eye drops I thought I could use and then read the fine print that I needed to take the lens out first, is why I'm wondering.  I may consider using the Celluvisc, but I've been told by another doctor that the fit of my lens was very good, so not sure I need a tighter fit.

Thanks for any input,
Title: Re: Scleral lens gets hazy
Post by: Kerrybr92 on October 16, 2016, 03:21:46 pm
I can't speak to the Opti Free but I can to it getting hazy.

My lens is the best fit they can get but it still may have very tiny leaks that is where the Refresh Celluvisc comes in.  When I put that into the lens along with the saline before insertion it forms a better seal and prevents any air or debris from getting in.  I have also noticed over the four years of use that very dry air causes my lens to get foggy.  My lens gets foggy pretty quick with I am flying.

I found that getting a lens that is tighter gave me headaches.  It sort of squeezed my eye.  So I found a compromise with the looser lens and the celluvisc.  It may work for you.
Title: Re: Scleral lens gets hazy
Post by: Cheryl C on October 17, 2016, 06:37:20 am
Thanks for your response!  I will give it a try.  With fall/winter coming, I will tend to have more of a problem because of the dry air, also.  Have a great day!

Cheryl C