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Title: Pain after surgery
Post by: mke on December 04, 2014, 03:54:13 am
Hello, I'm writing after my first AN surgery for some question.
I wrote on ANAUSA forum for other infos in the past, after a period of difficult common in NF2..I've taken the decision of my right AN translab removal (3,2mm right side + meningioma).
After more than one week from the surgery I'm at home but I have a lot of pains, from the neck to the head at the right side. In the night I can't stay well more than 4 hrs! I've the right ear sewn and inflated. I have no sensitivity at the right ear. Are these common problems tested by you?
In the Translab is always put a titanium plate to cover the bone opened like in my case?
Doctor says me that is normal and I have to be patient, the facial nerve is ok apart the right eye area. I can close the eye but not half-close individually, I have to pay attention to the dryness of the eye  since there are no tears for now. Waiting enought it will improve, but the right side is full in tension together with the skin pulled from the points on the ear. Any of you can give useful directions like in the past?
Thank you for your help. :)
Title: Re: Pain after surgery
Post by: Cheryl R on December 04, 2014, 09:52:52 am
MKE,  You are going thru a usual post op time.     I could never sleep well for at least 2 weeks after having 4 surgeries due to NF2.   I was in 2 beds and a recliner every night and tried different pillows.        I never had much pain  as such but just the all uncomfortable feeling of the body adjusting to having had surgery and head and neck in odd position.     I had translab and then CSF leak so opened up again and no plate ever in.     Every dr has their own protocol of how they do their surgery.       There is swelling in the surgery area too which makes it all feel odd.    I should add my CSF leak was due to the Univ of Iowa trying a new product put inside the tumor removal area and it did not work as well as their previous more expensive one. 3 of us got leaks.        So it was not the usual occurance.              Hang in there and take some pain medication and know it does get better in time.       You are so very early past surgery.      This was major brain surgery  and just takes time to heal.
                                                             Cheryl R
Title: Re: Pain after surgery
Post by: mke on December 04, 2014, 11:11:24 am
Thank you Cheryl. I'm glad to read you.. "I've talken" with you on the forum in 2012, you had been so kind in your answers! I have to say the same for other members.
After 2012 things had gone ahead and I'm here, NOW without my right AN in the head.
Thank you for your indications, I know I'm still fresh of operation but Dr before my surgery doesn't tell me exactly any implication. And I Have no asked despite the endless questions about a type of surgery or the other.
I will try to be quite, hoping to sleep.
I had forgotten..Two days after surgery I ve lost my sensitivity to the taste (in mouth) at 80%. You happened too? Should return in the future...
New thanks and see you soon! I will write you.