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Title: St. Vincent's vs uSC
Post by: Neskew on November 10, 2014, 07:25:00 am
My daughter has to have Middle Fossa a Surgery next week. She is scheduled to have the surgery at St. Vincent's with Dr.  Luxford and Dr. Schwartz but we heard great things about dr. Friedman from USC.  We really felt at ease during our consultation at House Institute. Does anything know about the teo hospitals? She is vegan, how the diet options at each hospital?
Title: Re: St. Vincent's vs uSC
Post by: mandy721 on November 10, 2014, 11:09:44 am
Both hospitals and doctors have outstanding reputations.  Hopefully your daughter will be out in a dew days, and not have to endure too many hospital meals :).  I bet checking with the hospital about food choices would be the most direct way to get the information.
Title: Re: St. Vincent's vs uSC
Post by: CHD63 on November 10, 2014, 11:31:10 am
Mandy is correct.  Both hospitals have registered dietitians who work with all kinds of special diets for patients.  Just be sure to list that she is vegan when she pre-registers at the hospital ..... or call the hospital to make certain it is on her chart.

Best thoughts.

Title: Re: St. Vincent's vs uSC
Post by: Neskew on November 10, 2014, 01:31:31 pm
Thanks I called and left a message for the dietian. I have read great reviews on Dr. Schwartz so we are leaning toward St. Vincent's since we already have a surgery date and we can stay at Seton.
Title: Re: St. Vincent's vs uSC
Post by: raji83 on November 11, 2014, 10:14:39 am
 Dr. Schwartz is a fine surgeon. Your daughter will be in best hands. Best wishes.
Title: Re: St. Vincent's vs uSC
Post by: Neskew on November 11, 2014, 10:59:50 am
Thank you everyone! We are trying to be brave for her but it is hard when she is so nervous.
Title: Re: St. Vincent's vs uSC
Post by: mandy721 on November 11, 2014, 07:54:52 pm
It is absolutely understandable that you are nervous; it is major surgery.  Your daughter is having treatment at a center that is known for their excellence in treating acoustic neuromas.  She and you are in good hands.  I think it is important to acknowledge that some nervousness is normal, and give yourself permission to be nervous.   Are you familiar with guided imagery?  One of the AN teams where I live, encourage their patients to use it before surgery.  This is from the Cleveland Clinic website "Over 200 research studies in the past 30 years have explored the role of mind-body techniques in helping prepare people for surgical and medical procedures and helping them recover more rapidly. These studies have shown that guided imagery may significantly reduce stress and anxiety before and after surgical and medical procedures. In addition guided imagery has proven to help people:

Dramatically decrease pain and the need for pain medication
Decrease side effects and complications of medical procedures
Reduce recovery time and shorten hospital stays
Enhance sleep
Strengthen the immune system and enhance the ability to heal
Increase self-confidence and self-control

My husband used guided imagery from Belleruth Naperstak before a different procedure, and we think it made a noticeable difference in his recovery. 
Title: Re: St. Vincent's vs uSC
Post by: G8trdude on November 12, 2014, 12:40:53 pm
I'm 6 weeks out from Oct. 2 2014 translab at House/St Vincents and doing great!  No complications, and I was essentially back about my life after 4 weeks post surgery, back to work, driving, etc.  All my thanks and my great result, in my opinion, go to my fantastic House surgeons, Dr.s Slattery and Schwarz, as well as Dr Stephan and the St Vincents staff.  Your daughter is in fantastic hands - she can just relax!  I chose the House team over local/east-coast options (I live near Philadelphia, PA) because of their extensive AN experience.

I was in St Vincents for 3.5 days.  I found the staff to be awesome - attentive, professional, and very caring (e.g., I got a sponge bath from my ICU nurse ("Beanie") the night after my surgery - made me feel so good!)

The food delivered to my hospital room however was just ok.  Hopefully they can prepare something acceptable for your daughter.  My wife would go to the St Vincents cafeteria (in the lower level of the bldg.) and make us a big fresh salad that she would bring to my room, that we would share.

There are not many healthy (IMO...) restaurant/eating options right around St vincents hospital.  My wife (and I, once I was discharged and back up on my feet and stable...) liked going on food/meal runs to the Whole Foods ("Fairfax" store) and the "farmers market" across the street from the Whole Foods (~15 min west of the hospital on W 3rd St).  There should be good vegan options there!  Traffic was interesting during rush hours, but at other times not so bad.

My wife and I stayed at Seton for the ~14 days we were in LA.  We found it to be extremely convenient to House and the hospital (even after discharge when I was pretty wobbly on my feet for a week), very affordable, very quiet (hardly any other guests/patients), clean and comfortable.  They can provide you with a shower seat/chair - just ask.  We had a 3rd floor room, and the 3rd floor has a nice kitchen and sitting area.  We could also get reception from our room to the free wifi.  There is a beautiful little flower/sitting garden off of the Seton lobby - we would picnic there.  Also, once while practicing stairs, we discovered that the SE corner exterior stairwell of Seton takes you all the way up and out onto the roof of the building (just bring your keys).  So we went up on the Seton roof (has high bordering walls (not dangerous, IMO)) an evening or two to watch the sunset over the city and take in the "Hollywood" sign on the nearby mountains!

Best of luck to your daughter and yourself!  In the near distant future you will both very likely be back about life wondering what all the worry was about.  Take care, Keith
Title: Re: St. Vincent's vs uSC
Post by: Neskew on November 12, 2014, 09:50:14 pm
Thank you, all your messages are making my feel better!
Title: Re: St. Vincent's vs uSC
Post by: mandy721 on November 28, 2014, 10:56:35 am
I've been thinking of you, and hope your daughter is doing well. 
Title: Re: St. Vincent's vs uSC
Post by: v357139 on January 31, 2015, 10:27:18 pm
I went to House and had an excellent result!!!!!!!!  You are going to a really great place.  You have done just about the best you can for her, and you should feel very good about that.  I remember each meal they gave included vegetables and fruits.  So I don't see why they could not accomodate.  But best to ask them as people have said.  Fyi, if you are staying at the Seton Center after hospital, there is a kitchen where you can prepare vegan meals for her.

Best of luck.  Again, you are taking her to a great place.