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Title: heading for a Gold Weight implant next week
Post by: william5822 on January 23, 2014, 05:34:40 am
My husband will be 8 weeks post op next week. We are scheduled for the Gold Weight implant procedure next Friday.
Is there anything we should expect or maybe be aware of going into this? He is also going to have the corner of his eye tucked/stitched due to the drooping.
We were really hesitant to begin this process in hopes that the nerve would fix its self. I have almost felt now with two different doctors that they don't believe it will get better. But honestly...I don't think they really know. It's such an "unknown" area ya know.

Anyway....just haven't been able to get much out of the ophthalmologist as to what to expect.
Title: Re: heading for a Gold Weight implant next week
Post by: saralynn143 on January 23, 2014, 07:00:17 am
He will be able to close his eye more easily, but it will take effort and natural blinking won't be complete. The biggest benefit is that the weight will help keep the eye shut at night. If his lid is retracted, the weight will give the eye a more natural appearance.

As far as the surgery, it doesn't take long and he will be awake so that the doctor can ask him to look in different directions during placement. There may be bruising for several weeks that will look like a black eye (fortunately I was able to avoid this). Making sure he keeps it iced after surgery will help a lot to minimize bruising.

Stitches will be removed after a week and he will be good to go. As far as when it comes out, my surgeon told me that I would want it out a long time before he would agree that it is time. I've had mine for five years and have yet to want it to come out.

You might inquire about a platinum weight instead of a gold one to minimize the risk of allergic reaction. Since it is a foreign body there is a risk of rejection but that is uncommon. My eyelids have delicate skin so I had to train myself not to rub that eye to minimize the risk of extrusion, again a rare complication.

The doctors don't really know whether facial paralysis will get better. Only time will tell and it may take years. I think your husband is wise to be protecting his eye during the healing process.

If he develops dry eye problems despite the weight, check out the posts about scleral contact lenses. They have been lifesavers for many of us with facial paralysis.
Title: Re: heading for a Gold Weight implant next week
Post by: william5822 on January 23, 2014, 01:06:58 pm
thank you so much Sara!
yes we are going with the platinum weight. I do recall that in our conversations yesterday and the gold reactions in some patients.
Title: Re: heading for a Gold Weight implant next week
Post by: alabamajane on January 23, 2014, 09:53:06 pm
I too had a 1.6 gram gold weight implanted 4 days  after my AN surgery about 27 months ago. I also was able to have it removed this past Oct. after 2 yrs. My eye closes well now. I , however, was put to sleep for the surgeries ,, but they were relatively minor,, in comparison... I used ointment at night to help keep eye lubricated,, he will probably try many of the brands on the market before he decides which works best for him. I also used a lighter eye drop during the day to keep eye lubricated. My weight was pretty noticeable as it made my eyelid thicker and eye would not open completely ,, however, as Sara says protecting the eye and cornea is extremely important during paralysis..I also was very careful not to rub my eye..
I did not have any bruising nor did I have to use any ice packs after it was so close to AN surgery,, it was the least of my worries,,, :P,,,I did not have any problems this past Oct when it was removed either,, best of luck to him,, I feel sure he will do fine,,,keep us informed,, Jane