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Title: Vanderbilt was Right Choice
Post by: chance1212 on January 08, 2013, 07:41:52 pm
I had my translab surgery on 11/13/12. I contemplated and began plans to go to LA to the doctors who are considered the best in this field. This would have been tough financially. In addition my daughter would have stayed here in TN and would not have been in the room before the operation making me laugh. I am so glad I prayerfully the advise of several professionals and stayed in Tennessee. Vanderbilt could not have done any better. Dr. Haynes & Dr. Thompson are known for their metulous work. The nursing staff at Vanderbilt was top-notch as well even making sure my husband had everything he needed.  Thankful to God that I listened this time! No second guessing on whether I made the right choice.