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Title: 2nd Generation Bone Anchor Hearing Aid
Post by: akoo on October 29, 2012, 04:12:56 am
I am from Singapore. Just met my ENT today, and he told me that I may want to consider a new generation of bone anchor hearing aid (same principle as BAHA), but without the metal abatement. Apparently, the surgery is very simple like the BAHA.
I did a google on the Net and found

I wonder if anyone in the US or elsewhere has tried it before? If so, would appreciate if we could have your feedback.

Title: Re: 2nd Generation Bone Anchor Hearing Aid
Post by: CHD63 on October 29, 2012, 07:06:07 am
Just a quick reply for now as I'm sure others will also respond.  The Sophono product uses magnets and thus, those of us having had acoustic neuromas and needing follow-up MRIs, cannot use them.

Title: Re: 2nd Generation Bone Anchor Hearing Aid
Post by: leapyrtwins on November 05, 2012, 07:17:01 pm
Very good point by Clarice; and very important to those of us who had ANs and need followup MRIs.

I asked my neurotologist about the sophono.  He told me that I'm better off with the BAHA I have; better sound quality among other things.

BAHAs are generally a better choice - and the titanium abutment isn't as big a deal as some would think.

Title: Re: 2nd Generation Bone Anchor Hearing Aid
Post by: y0ungshel on March 31, 2013, 09:57:41 pm
Please be very cautious as you consider getting the Sophono for you or your child. My daughter had the implant on both sides in September of 2012. She has been in constant and horrible pain since the day of the surgery.  My daughter has not been able to attend school or participate in any other activities that she loves since surgery, she is 12 years old and her life has been completely taken away from her.
When I told the Sophono representative about her pain at the switch on in October, he said that he had never heard of anything like that happening and he would get back to us, we never heard from him again.  It took me 4 months to get the doctors to take us seriously and she was admitted to Primary Childrens Hospital last week where the doctors can not even agree on a diagnosis. It has been incredibly difficult to get any support from the people at Sophono, they keep saying they are assisting us and then do nothing, meanwhile my daughter is in excruciating pain and has lost much of the quality of her life.
I have asked for their assistance on Facebook, and they give the cookie cutter answer that they are in contact with our doctors and audiologist which is not true, once again we are left with no support and no answers.
I am not saying this will be your experience, just saying, be careful and make the decision with your eyes wide open.

On a side note, the only other child who has had this surgery in our state, is also having the implants removed.

Good luck,  our thoughts and prayers are with you.