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Title: A call from Dr. Friedman (a living legend)!
Post by: davecz on February 09, 2012, 02:20:56 pm
Well, last thursday morning I received a phone call from Dr. Friedman of the House Clinic in LA. I'm sure many of you who have been in my shoes can attest to what that call was like. When he first introduced himself, he caught me off guard. I asked if he was the same Dr. Friedman I've read so much about on the ANA site. He confirmed that it was. I told him it was great hearing from him. We started to discuss my case and he was able to provide some great information. Perhaps the most important bit of information he shared with me was that House has an agreement with Kaiser (my HMO). The surgical team from the House Clinic is allowed to do AN surgeries using the Kaiser facility in LA. And all I would have to pay would be the costs of the surgical team (~$22,000).

This sounded really great. My HMO would be paying for all the other fees. However, I'm now stuck with a really tough decision. I understand that the surgery is very important, which is why I want the House surgeons to do this. However, post op recovery is also very important too. I have read so many wonderful stories of how great the staff at the House Clinic were during post op. I'm afraid that I may not have that same experience at Kaiser. The reason being is that at House I would be amongst others who are having/had the same surgery. In Kaiser, I might be on a floor with several different surgical patients. There is very little information out there regarding anyone who has had surgery at Kaiser, so I have nothing to review.

I could pay out of pocket and just do it all at House. So I'm just putting this out there for those of you who have had surgery at the House Clinic...was the post op really that good? If anyone reading this has had surgery with Kasier please let me know how that was too.


I-Can't-make-up-my-mind Dave   ???

Title: Re: A call from Dr. Friedman (a living legend)!
Post by: mindyandy on February 09, 2012, 02:39:09 pm
Dave have you tried to do a search for Kaiser here on the forum? Just a thought. I'm sure you already thought of that  ;D
Glad to see you picked a wonderful Dr.
Title: Re: A call from Dr. Friedman (a living legend)!
Post by: cindyj on February 09, 2012, 03:01:53 pm
Hi, Dave...yes, the post op care at St. Vincent's is top notch - most of the hospital rooms on the floor they put AN patients on are full of other AN patients day in and day out, so the nurses, physical therapists, etc are well versed on the issues and needs of AN patients.  However, my guess is, that the after care at Kaiser would be very good as well.  Hopefully some who have been there will chime in here...

Wishing you the best,

Title: Re: A call from Dr. Friedman (a living legend)!
Post by: MDemisay on February 22, 2012, 07:53:09 am

I am not sure where you are but Kessler on the East coast has some top notch balance training programs, just saying, perhaps you can check out their website. Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation
I was a patient there in 2004.

Good luck with your surgery!