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Title: What happens w/pre op
Post by: Pattilouwho on January 11, 2012, 03:30:00 pm
Hi, my surgery is scheduled for 2/10/12 @MGH - I haven't heard anything about what they'll need/do for the Pre-OP - What do they do / need ??  I'm sure there are a lot of you out there that have already experienced this, would appreciate knowing ahead, already a nervous wreck, but also anxious to have it over with !!

Title: Re: What happens w/pre op
Post by: New girl on January 11, 2012, 04:31:23 pm
Hi Patti,

I had surgery at MGH this past September.  During my pre-op they did a lot of the basics: blood work, urine test, blood pressure check, chest x-ray.  I also met with an anethesia nurse and then another nurse whose specialty I cant remember.  They went over any meds you take, any other medical/physical conditions you may have, and what to expect the day of surgery.  If you have any questions or concerns they are there to help you.  I brought a copy of my health care proxy so they would have it on file.  My neurosurgeon was Dr. Barker who requested that I bring a copy of my MRI films.  I dropped those off at his office.  I also went over to MEEI that same day and had a baseline hearing test and they did a test (cant remember the name) so that they were sure they could monitor my hearing nerves during the surgery.  It was a full day!

MGH has all new surgical suites and recovery rooms in the new Lunder building.  The neurosurgery wing has all private rooms which I thought was very nice.  PT will be in to visit you the morning after surgery - both of the PT women I met were great.  I believe they both have a background in vestibular therapy.  They also do pet therapy a couple times a week to help lift the spirits of the patients!  I had a really good experience there.  I hope you do also!  Best wishes for your surgery.
Title: Re: What happens w/pre op
Post by: Pattilouwho on January 12, 2012, 08:00:52 am
Thank you for replying - there's a lot to think about for sure. I wanted to go to MA (from Vermont), a few days early to spend time with my son and his wife who live approx. 30 mins. south of Boston, and wasn't sure how much time I'd need for pre-op and also family time (a walk on the beach, dinner out) things like that to keep me as preoccupied as possible the days before surgery (Feb 10th). I had to admit, it already consumes my mind most of the day now and it's still a month out  ???

I will have Barker also, but McKenna will be the ENT - I think he's awesome. I did meet Dr. Lee, but I had met McKenna 7 yrs. prior (when diagnosed), and immediately liked him!! I've also heard very good things about Barker - although they say he has no bedside manner, I hear he is very good at what he does, and that's what I need for this surgery.

Anyway, New girl - thank you for giving me the information I was looking for, I hope everything went well with your surgery? How long were you in the neurosurgery wing post op?  They told me I would probably be in ICU for 3 days and the hospital for 10!  Probably because of my history of "bloodclots and coumadin" - it complicates this a little more for sure.

Thanks again,
Title: Re: What happens w/pre op
Post by: New girl on January 12, 2012, 04:28:47 pm
Hi Patty -  My surgery went very well.  Thanks for asking.  They got all the tumor, no facial paralysis, no major dizziness/wonkiness, and my hearing was preserved.  It turned out that the tumor had grown all the way down the nerves to my ear so my surgery took extra time.  I spent one night in the ICU and then one night in a regular room.  They told me I was very lucky to have such a smooth recovery.  I am extremely thankful for my outcome. 

The worst part of the ICU is that they kept waking me up every 2 hours plus when the doctors came to see me.  Three days of that may be rough but at least they are closely monitoring you in case you have issues.   I found the food wasnt so bad either.

If you come up with any other questions feel free to ask! Best wishes.
Title: Re: What happens w/pre op
Post by: Pattilouwho on January 13, 2012, 09:49:14 pm
Hi New Girl -

Just found out today from Barker's secretary that I have to go into the hospital the weekend before my surgery - they want to watch the transition while they take me off the coumadin, and also, I'll be there for all the tests (including MRI) pre op. She said he would not accept MRI's from other hospitals, he wanted me to have it done @ MGH...I'm wondering what I'm going to do for those 6 days leading up to my surgery - wasn't expecting that, but I guess it's better to take all precautions !
Title: Re: What happens w/pre op
Post by: New girl on January 14, 2012, 09:20:51 am
Wow!  I guess it good that they are being careful.  I wonder if the size of your tumor has something to do with  having an MGH MRI.  I had my MRI done at Marlborough Hospital (part of UMass medical).  The only stipulation I had was that my MRI had to have been done so many weeks prior to surgery.  My tumor was 1.4 cm.  Bring plently of things to read!!