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Title: anyone have bilateral facial twitching?
Post by: mattsmum on July 17, 2011, 07:07:10 am
hi - i am wondering if anyone else has experienced twitching on both sides of the face?
i have a left AN treated with radiosurgery almost a year ago. i developed facial twitching on the left before treatment, and it got worse after.
over the last few months i have started to experience similar twitching on the RIGHT too. initially it was very infrequent, but has become a lot more frequent over time. it is now most days - although it is not as bad as the other side and just affects the area between my mouth and nose, and sometimes my lower lip.
my last mri (with contrast) was feb this year and there was no sign of an AN on the right.
i don't particularly want to see my doctor about this - because it seems so trivial (and partly i guess because i don't want anything else wrong...) and just wondered if anyone else had the same. i am obviously hoping for reassurance - but quite prepared to hear bad outcomes too.
i find it much harder to assess whether symptoms are important since i was diagnosed with the AN as i had been ignoring my increasing balance problems as menopause until i had sudden hearing loss and tinnitus and facial numbness.

Title: Re: anyone have bilateral facial twitching?
Post by: saratrehan on June 19, 2020, 05:50:48 am
Hi vikki,
Did you have any resolution with this?
I am coming up on 5 months post GK and while I have had a very annoying twitch on the tumor side,
Yesterday I noticed A very mild upper lip twitch on the non tumor
Side. I am getting very nervous - My last 3 mri w contrast have shown no lesions on the non tumor side, but wondering why this is happening. 1 month till my scan..