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Title: Question for BAHA users
Post by: Puppylove on December 01, 2010, 06:01:15 pm

I have a question for those of you who have the BAHA.  I am going this Friday for an evaluation to see if I would benefit (and like) having the BAHA. I wanted to know if it seems like you can hear on your left side?  Right now I have very poor hearing on my left side (AN side), but I do have a little hearing (just not really functional). If I get the BAHA, will it seem like I can hear out of my left ear?  Also, the experience you had when you had the evaluation and how it truely works, is it the same, worse or better?  Will I still have difficulty telling the direction the sound is coming from?  Also, how long did it take to get used to having it?

I hope I'm asking these questions in a way you understand ;)  I know what I want to know...just don't know how to convey my thoughts in to words.  I had my consultation at House yesterday with Dr. Friedman, who suggested Translab (preferred) or Retrosig. I'm trying to decide which one to go with and I think how I like/dislike the BAHA will influence my decision.

Thanks for any insight you might be able to give me.
Title: Re: Question for BAHA users
Post by: dalern on December 01, 2010, 11:27:38 pm
Hi Debbie,
I can just speak for myself.  I hear things now on my deaf side that I could not hear before.  I hear the sheets rustling when I make the bed, I hear my heels on the floor, I hear softer sounds, hear better in a noisy environment, but best of all.....I hear someone talking to me on the deaf side.  Previously, I usually did not even know that someone was talking to me on that side.  You need to see if you can use the trial BAHA (preferably on a soft band) for a few days at home and going about your business.  You are in LA, are you going to the House Ear Institute?  Your hearing will not be perfect and will not be as good as it was before your SSD.  However, you should notice the improvement.  Good luck.
Title: Re: Question for BAHA users
Post by: leapyrtwins on December 07, 2010, 11:27:52 pm
Debbie -

I am SSD on the left and when I wear my BAHA I hear people and sounds on my left side perfectly.  I do feel like I'm hearing things with my left ear, although that's really not the case at all. 

I was blown away by the BAHA demo but have found that the "real thing" is even better.

When you try the demo, to get the full effect, plug your right ear with your finger and ask the doc or audiologist to sit or stand on your left side and talk to you. I think you'll like what you hear.

Not all BAHA wearers gain directionality.  Some of us do; some of us don't.  I've found that over time I've gotten much better at determining where a sound is coming from.

Title: Re: Question for BAHA users
Post by: ksiwek on December 09, 2010, 09:23:19 pm
I just got I am brand new to the experience.  Thus far...I LOVE it.  It isn't like your old hearing...but it is a BIG improvement over being SSD!  My neck sure appreciates the reduction of head turns  ;D

PS Dr Friedman is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!  If you have any questions about HEI, etc feel free to PM me!

Title: Re: Question for BAHA users
Post by: ombrerose4 on December 09, 2010, 09:33:11 pm
My Baha has made a huge difference in my everyday life. I can have a conversation with someone even if they are on my SSD side. I have to make my husband turn down the sound on the TV because it's too loud. And I definitely have improved sense of directionality. It's not perfect and it's not the same as before surgery, but it is a HUGE improvement over not hearing anything on my SSD side. :D :D :D
Title: Re: Question for BAHA users
Post by: Puppylove on December 10, 2010, 02:30:24 am
Thank you so much for all of your replies.  After talking with Dr. Friedman, I am back on prednisone to see if it reduces the swelling again so I can hear better (it worked a couple weeks ago for me, although once I stopped the prednisone, my hearing got worse than it had previously been).  We are hoping if the prednisone helps my hearing, I may be able to go with the retrosig and see if we can save my hearing at the prednisone level.  My hearing has improved since starting, although not as much as the previous time.  I go back to see Dr. Friedman next week for another hearing test and we'll make a decision at that time.

Since the BAHA evaluation costs $150.00, I've decided to wait until after my next appt with Dr. Friedman before I have the eval. If there is a chance to save my hearing at it's current level, that would be my choice. I will say that you all have made this experience much more positive for me.  I was actually looking forward to being ssd, so I could get the BAHA  ;)  My hearing is improving, so my fingers are crossed that the retrosig is in my future and my hearing can be saved. I'm looking at surgery in the beginning of January, hopefully.
Title: Re: Question for BAHA users
Post by: mellowrama on December 10, 2010, 06:04:05 pm

Just wanted to say that Dr. Friedman is great and I totally agree with you on trying to go the retrosig approach if it works for you in your situation.  I had perfect hearing prior to translab surgery,  due to concerns with the size of tumor, facial nerve (and falied radiation) translab was my choice over retrosig sugery.  The SSD was a given, however due to the surgery I now have tinnitus which for me is more difficult than SSD.  From what I understand if you can save your hearing nerve you might be able to save some of your hearing and perhaps minimize the risks for tinnitus.  best wishes, m