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50 million people in the US experience tinnitus, also known as ringing in the ear. It affects all ages and as many as 10-15% of the adult population say they experience it to some degree. It can range from a mild irritation to a debilitating disability and unfortunately, there is no cure. The good news?

Music, dishes clattering, conversations and laughter. And that is all from beyond your table. At your table, a group of dear friends has met to catch up.

Dealing with the symptoms of an acoustic neuroma, both pre- and post-treatment can be exhausting, in a literal sense. Carrying the burden of a chronic illness and dealing with life in different ways can really get you down if you let it.

Most of those dealing with acoustic neuroma are also dealing with some level of hearing loss. There are staggering statistics associated with both hearing loss and hearing aids.

How large is a "large" tumor? How small is a "small" tumor? Doctors give measurements in millimeters and centimeters.