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About ANA

Mission Statement

The mission of ANA is to inform, educate and provide national and local support networks for those affected by acoustic neuromas, and to be an essential resource for health care professionals who treat acoustic neuroma patients. The Acoustic Neuroma Association provides information and support to patients who have been diagnosed with or experienced an acoustic neuroma or other benign problem affecting the cranial nerves. Patient founded in 1981, ANA is an incorporated, non-profit organization, recognized as such by the IRS, and is supported by contributions from its members. The association also furnishes information on patient rehabilitation to physicians and health care personnel, promotes research on acoustic neuroma, and educates the public regarding symptoms suggestive of acoustic neuroma, thus promoting early diagnosis and successful treatment.  


To be the most comprehensive and reliable resource on acoustic neuroma for patients, caregivers and medical professionals, as well as committed advocates in the advancement of research and improvement of patient experience and quality of life worldwide. 

Core Values

  • Professionalism: to maintain high ethical standards at all times
  • Objectivity: to remain free of bias in everything we do
  • Research: to constantly learn more about acoustic neuromas
  • Communication: to encourage dialog and disseminate information about acoustic neuromas
  • Innovation: to stay current with technology and emerging, diverse, pre- and post-treatment options
  • Respect: to honor the needs and privacy of acoustic neuroma patients

General Disclaimer:

This website has been designed to provide information and education services for the general public, healthcare professionals, and consumers of healthcare and related services.

While considerable efforts have been made to validate the information provided, the Acoustic Neuroma Association is not engaged in rendering professional medical or other healthcare services. All medical and other healthcare information provided by ANA should be carefully reviewed by a qualified healthcare professional. Any actions taken based on the information provided by ANA are entirely the responsibility of the patients and healthcare professionals involved in such actions.

Note: ANA does not endorse any commercial product, physician, microsurgeon or radiosurgeon, surgical or radiosurgical procedure, medical institution or its staff.

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